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Financial Ireland is an information website about the broad financial services sector in Ireland.
Our aim is to provide an insight into the complex and varied area of investment, banking and finance.
We all use these services during our lifetime even though we may not be aware of the extent that such apparent and perceived high brow institutions and commentary affect the lives of everybody from those in humble occupations to those occupying powerful positions in business.
A perfect example of the influence of investment, banking and finance on the ordinary person in the street is their pension. How it performs is linked to the activities of these institutions and their ability to invest your pension contributions to create the most efficient return.
A mirror image of this occurs in so many facets of our lives. However, for most, we remain blissfully unaware of the silent but powerful impact on our existence.

At Financial Ireland, we hope to educate you in the workings of banking, finance and investment so that you are at least more capable of understanding and thereby controlling your own financial destiny.
No document on this website is a legal interpretation and should not be seen as such. The information contained on this website is of a general nature and appropriate professional advice should be sought before acting or refraining to act in relation to a specific issue.





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